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- Alright, here we go. I'm expecting this Eagles/Giants game to be more eventful and more... disastrous. NFC East games tend to veer towards the absurd. This will not be a quality football game, but it will probably be fun.


- Brian Dawkins comes through the tunnel and takes the field crawling.

- Jeremy Shockey's sucking down oxygen before the game even kicks off. Does he have asthma? Did Tom Coughlin put them through a particularly strenuous set of calisthenics?


- The Giants are driving pretty effectively here. Their line is blocking well, Jared Lorenzen came in and picked up a first down on a sneak... and here's Plaxico in the endzone for the touchdown. Wow. They made that look easy. Nothing's been easy for the Giants for two months.

- The Giants defense comes out and forces a three-and-out, too. They just collapsed the Eagles line, and the Eagles punter is backed up against his own end-line. I know it's only two drives, but... this is a whole new Giants team. I think they're all on PCP.

- That's more like it. Eli throws one at a guy's feet on second down, and then sails one over Plax's head on third down, and they're punting after behind handed good field position. That's more in line with what I expect from the Giants.

- David Tyree downs a punt at about the Eagles 2... making a better catch than he's ever made in his career. Impressively executed by the Giants.


- The pace has slowed here... the Giants are going to be punting again after getting field position. 2:14 left in the first quarter, the first score remains the only one on the board. 2:14 left in the first.

- The first quarter ends after Boggs Garcia scrambles and dives for a first down.

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