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- The Giants are on pace for over 400 yards...

- And wow, Brian Westbrook... you are a man. That was a dazzling display en route to the endzone... just moves on top of moves. Gamebreaker. 7-7.


- And welcome back, Eli Manning. There's an interception deep over the middle to Sheldon Brown. I don't know if it would be fair to see that the Giants are unraveling, or that their first possession was just a miracle. But momentum has titled directly in the direction of the Eagles.

- I think Donovan McNabb is wearing a coordinated, matching Eagles jumpsuit with the jacket tucked into the pants. McNabb is cool enough that he can get away with that look, and people think he's just being hip and contrarian. But I'm going to try it tomorrow, and it's not going to work.


- The Eagles settle for a field goal after not giving the ball to Brian Westbrook once in the red zone. 10-7 Iggles.

- Jeremy Shockey got his helmet torn off, and Jeremy Shockey is the happiest man alive. You see guys keep playing without a helmet from time to time... but Shockey was in heavy traffic and he lowered his shoulder, looking for contact. He would not have minded if his head was split open, and I guarantee that he's thrilled about the attention he'll get for this.

- And the Barber answers with a Westbrook-like run down to the 5, snatching some momentum back for the Giants.

- The Philadelphia defense holds, though, when Eli Manning can't find anywhere to throw the ball where there aren't six Philadelphia Eagles. We're tied at 10.


- We've got multiple flags here for personal fouls. Joe Buck is talking about possibility of an ejection, which he does anything someone says "hell." Jon Runyanhit a guy late, and shoved Sam Madison to the ground. But then another big guy came and shoved Runyan down. All we have are offsetting penalties, which is kind of pussy. Tom Coughlin's upset, and he's got a pretty legit beef. Total dick move by Runyan, and he got away with it.

- 2:02 left on the clock, and the Eagles call a timeout. If Fox is truly evil, they'll go to commercial here, and do it again two minutes from now. Let's see... no, Fox is not evil. At least on this occasion.


- Jeff Garcia hooks up with Donte Stallworth for a touchdown to give the Eagles a 7-point lead here with 1:01 to play in the first half. Nice throw there by Garcia.

- And that's how the second quarter is going to end. 17-10 Eagles, and we'll be back for the 2nd half.

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