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- The Eagles are getting the ball here to start the second half. And if they score here, it would force Eli Manning into a lot of passing situations, which would be fantastic for people who hate Eli Manning.


- The Eagles and Giants exchange punts to open the second half... the field position advantage goes to the Eagles, as they'll start their next drive from the Giants 43.

- That's three punts now... and whoa, what the hell is that guy thinking? The Eagles were about to down a Giant came over and tried to get it. They're showing the replay now, and... it doesn't look like he touched it. But he's still an idiot for even attempting it. Has that guy ever seen a football game before? They end up ruling that the Giants have the ball at their own 1.


- With 7:13 left, that's the fourth punt of the quarter... and Brian Westbrook takes it to the house, but it's not going to count. There's a flag down. Still, Brian Westbrook is pretty phenomenal. Eagles will start this possession at their own 25.

- Osi Umenyiora is down and in serious pain. I don't know what happened to him, but he's got some rib and/or abdomen discomfort, I think. Jeff Garcia also seemed disappointed when Umenyiora rolled off his back.

- 48-yard attempt from David Akers... it is up and it is good. Nice kick, but I'm not impressed with kickers until I see their dick on Deadspin. 20-10 Eagles, and that lead isn't insurmountable, but, well, Eli Manning is not very good at his job.

- The Giants have their best offensive play of the game since the opening minutes, and it comes because Sheldon Brown sees fit to run into Plaxico Burress on a deep ball. It's the right call, but I hate to see a 40-yard reward for a play on which there was no offensive skill shown. 1st down for the Giants in the red zone.

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