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Giants vs. Eagles, 4th Quarter

- 3rd and 2 for the Giants from the Eagles 6, and Eli Manning just can't make anything happen. He fails to see a wide open Plax in the back of the endzone, and ends up throwing it away, which, I suppose, is all you could expect from Eli Manning. They settle for the field goal, and it's 20-13 Eagles now.

- 3rd and 10, and it looked like the Giants got away with a little bit of interference. The Eagles are going to punt, and the Giants are going to have a chance to tie the game... in theory, anyway. Another 40-yard pass interference call would be ideal. Do your thing, Plax.


- The Eagles are actually driving a little bit. They're at the Eagles 35, and this seems like an appropriate time to pound the ball with Tiki Barber. Lito Sheppard's done for the afternoon, by the way, with a dislocated elbow, which has to hurt like hell.

- In comes Jared Lorenzen again, and the purpose of his appearance appears to be to call a timeout. Tom Coughlin seems displeased, but that's probably only because this might be the last game he coaches. After the timeout, it's Eli again, though, and they give it to Tiki Barber. He appears to have the first down, but he's ruled short. Coughlin challenges the spot.

- And the challenge is upheld, and it's a first down for the Giants. That was the right call, and a pretty easy one to make. 7:34 remaining in the game, 1st and 10 for the Giants, down 7 points, at the Eagles 23 yard line.

- That's before consecutive false start penalties, though. Man, that's embarrassing.


- And there's a third consecutive penalty, this one for a hold. Shame, too, because that was a nice gain on a screen play, about 18 yards. It's on Chris Snee, who just had the holding penalty.

- Great job by Plax to come up with a catch on a ball that just Eli Manning heaved blindly. Still 3rd and 12, though, and they just waste another timeout. Just brutal. Are we sure that this is a playoff team?


- And Plax earns the first down on a little screen play. Plax is about the only thing the Giants have had going for them here. Eli Manning should offer himself to Plax sexually. I don't know if Plax would be interested, but he's earned it.

- Manning to Plax in the endzone, nice route, nice throw (somehow), and it's a touchdown to tie this one up. 20-20, 5:04 to play in the game.


- We're getting a steady dose of Brian Westbrook. Westbrook appears to be in milk-the-clock mode, too, making it a point to stay in bounds. They're playing for the three, and to leave not much time on the clock. So for, it looks like it's working perfectly. 2:35 to play, and they're at the Giants 37.

- First down, Brian Westbrook, and that was big. He got past the blitz, had a lot of room, and got the ball down to the 19 yard line. Brian Westbrook is a stud.


- The clock is running and running and running, and the Giants are powerless to stop it. Their only real hope is that David Akers misses this kick, and I tend to believe that David Akers isn't missing this kick. Hopefully, Koy Detmer didn't watch the Cowboys game last night.

- Garcia sneaks the ball to the middle of the field, and they stop the clock with :03 remaining. Here comes Akers. Tension.


- Up. Good. That last drive was money, especially for Andy Reid, who's been criticized for his clock management in the past. That was perfect, though. And we'll be saying goodbye to Tiki Barber, and probably Tom Coughlin, at least as coach of the Giants.

- It's been a pretty damn good weekend of football... 'twas nice to share it with you, and I'm sorry if your team lost, but they probably sucked anyway. Goodnight, ladies and gentlemen.

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