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Chicago's SouthTown Star has the story of Bryan Craig, once the coach of Rich Central High School's varsity basketball team, now unemployed. Craig resigned after the board at the high school where he worked found out that he wrote and self-published a book called It's Her Fault (!), which featured chapters on "graphic descriptions about his opinions on vaginal differences between women of different races" and the observation, "the easiest kill for a man is through the young lady with low self-esteem." The Chicago Sun-Times read the book, apparently, and has a few more nuggets: Craig espouses his theory about "why Latin women have more children," and has some confessions and advice:

"Even though I feel I'm beyond the highest caliber of men, I still have a weakness for cleavage," Craig wrote. Later in the book, Craig gets more personal, writing that a woman he loved in college got pregnant, miscarried the child and then told him she was cheating on him.

"From that moment forward, I vowed to never be put in that situation, and to mind-f—- every woman I could," Craig wrote [...] In the final chapter, Craig encourages readers to enter the "wonderful world of submissiveness."

"He's your man, go ahead and let him turn you every which way, let him touch your hair if he asks, real or not," Craig wrote. "Give him oral sex without making the ‘ugh' face."


Here's the Amazon page, if you're interested. The lone (five star, sic-ed) review reads, "For starters im a sci fi murder mystery kinda guy so I didnt think I'd enjoy the book as much as I did.Its very informative in regards to women and the ins and outs of relationships." So there you go.


Craig was also a guidance counselor at the school.

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