Gisele To Tom Brady: Stick To Sports

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Just as it was fair to ask Tom Brady about his support of “good friend” Donald Trump back in the primaries, it’s fair to ask him today, the morning after Trump won the presidential election and two days after Trump announced at a campaign rally he had Brady’s endorsement.

Belichick wiggled out of a solid answer at his press conference this morning, and Brady did his best too. Brady said he would not reveal his vote because it’s personal, so the natural follow-up question was, why then did he give Trump permission to reveal Brady’s support?


Am I nuts, or does that hint that Brady was surprised (and maybe not happy) that Trump invoked his support in his Monday rally?


We shall never know, because after attempting to pivot to Sunday’s game against the Seahawks, Brady responded to another question about his backing of Trump by revealing that his wife Gisele Bündchen has ordered him to be quiet.

(In the comments to an Instagram post, Gisele wrote “NO!” to a question about whether the couple supported Trump. This sounds like a fun week in the Brady-Bündchen manse.)