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Glen Davis Is Soaking In It

Green polish matches his eyes: Big Baby likes to keep his nails soft and silky. Hey, it's either that or he scratches the eyes out of every center in the league. [MassHysteria]

It's a formula, but it works: Joke all you want about Big Ten basketball. Sometimes the best defense is punching your opponent in the face when he's not looking. [I Dislike Your Favorite Team]


Money changes everything: The members of the Maldives national soccer team have not been paid for their work in five months. In other news, David Beckham was just given $50,000 to walk into a McDonald's without his shirt on. [South Asia Blog]

All good: Mississippi State fixed their mispell ... misspil ... messpill ... broken sign. [Sparty and Friends]

Problem solved: Three cops were suspended two weeks each for going golfing while on duty. Awesome! Now they can make those morning tee times! [Slow Breaker]

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