Glory Days: I Came Off The Bench To Score A Touchdown And Helped Postpone A Rival Coach's Retirement

An occasional series featuring our readers' tales of momentary sports glory. If you've got a video of your own brush with athletic greatness, send it to, subject: Glory Days.


At the 37-second mark of the above video, legendary former Brick Twp. (N.J.) High School football coach Warren Wolf admits that losing to rival Brick Memorial in 2007 was the reason he came back to coach for a 51st season in '08. Here is a link to the video that contains footage of Brick Memorial's 22-20 upset in '07, with the 75-yard touchdown run referenced below by a reader named John beginning at the 52-second mark. This is John's story:

My senior year of football we were not that good; we ended up 4-6. Our crosstown rivals, Brick High School, were more competitive than us and made the playoffs. Their coach was in his 50th year of coaching and it was an open secret that he planned to retire at the end of the year. This coach also served as our mayor, councilman, and state assemblyman while coaching throughout his career. Our crosstown rival lost in the opening round of the state playoffs to set up our Thanksgiving Eve showdown. It would be the last game of the season for both teams.

Everybody thought we would be crushed, that our crosstown rival and their coach would come to our place, whip us up, and he would ride into the sunset as our state's winningest coach. The cameras would be there to record it. The local sportswriters were unanimous in predicting our defeat.

My senior year I only started two games as a halfback in the triple-option offense while playing on special teams. I would also come in for a couple plays every game and give a break to the starters. The first half was tough football. It was tied at 7-7. The other side did not think it would be this tough. We kicked off to start the half and our one starting halfback tore his ACL trying to make a tackle. That meant I would be playing halfback for the rest of the game. When we received the ball on the second or third play of the drive I went in motion for the option play. The QB read the play and pitched the ball to me. I took the pitch 75 yards for a touchdown and then dove into the endzone after a DB tried to dive at me to take me down. We were up 13-7 in the middle of the third. The game would go back and forth as they immediately scored then we responded and they scored again. On a pass play in the fourth quarter, I caught a 30-yard pass to continue the drive. With 3 minutes left, we had the ball, down 20-19. We drove down the field and kicked a field goal to go up 22-20. Their team then threw an interception trying to win the game.

After the game their sideline was the equivalent of a morgue. The team figured they blew their coach's last game. We went apeshit cause we thought we spoiled his last game. Long story short, he would coach for another year and would retire. At his press conference announcing retirement, he cited our victory against him in 2007 as the reason he would return. I am now known throughout town for my touchdown run; it seems to be the only thing people remember, and I still am reminded of this play by acquaintances and colleagues to give me a taste of the "Glory Days."