"God Made NASCAR," According To Pro-American Internet Commenters

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Welcome to another installment of the Fox Nation commenter essays. Please prepare yourself for lots of caps lock.

Last week, President Obama invited twelve NASCAR drivers to the White House to honor Jimmie Johnson, the 2010 Sprint Cup champion. NASCAR soon reported that five of the drivers—Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart—would not accept the invitation due to scheduling conflicts. Fox Nation re-posted an SB Nation story and gave it the headline "NASCAR Drivers Blow Off Obama's Invitation to White House." Comments on the article have since been closed, but we read through them last week. Here's what the commenters had to say about the scheduling conflict. Everything sic'd, and with few exceptions, every new sentence is a new comment:

God made NASCAR. you got that right. These NASCAR guys are smarter than I thought. I new I liked NASCAR drivers for some reason. Apparently NASCAR drivers have dignity. NASCAR represents middle America! I will stand with them as well! Hooray for these 5 Patriots!!! Especially my guy Tony!!! VIVA LA TEA PARTY!


NASCAR fans are smarter than he gives them credit. In fact the ones who did go will probably be chastised for going. Would you go? I am suprised anyone would. Who would want to go to the white house Obama lets cop killers in there. No sense going to the WH, there's no such thing as President - not now anyway. who is this president? WHO IS OBAMA? Do you need a birth certificate to drive for NASCAR? Isn't cable part of welfare these days?

I want to know who the "fruits" from NASCAR are that did agree to show up . . . . . I hope the boys don't forget thier bibles and guns. So Jimmie Johnson wants to hob nob with the self proclaimed elite? Let him explain this to his fans, or ex-fans. Don't they call that appeasement Jimmie? I for one would throw out my #14 shirt. Jimmy Johnson and Kurt Bush might not care because no one buys their chit anyway.

Good to see some drivers can make RIGHT turns. LMAO!!!!! Miss out on a once in a lifetime photo op with the disgraced leader of the free world? So the Boys REALLY do have B A L L S? Good to know! YOU BOYS NEED TO HELP KEEP AMERICA FREE..... (forgot that the word ba ll or ba lls is not allowed. Flipping retawded, Fox.) I can perfectly understand their scheduling conflicts. I bet each of them will be presented with front row seats at President Perry's inauguration! I salute each one of them, true Americans! NASCAR RULES. I really think they should bring a rebel flag to donate to the WH collection. Put it right up above the hammer and suckle - sorry, sickle.

Patriotism and Obama are two completely different things. They wouldn't blow off Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan had convictions, if he said it he really meant it... quite a contrast to Obama. Obama hates white America, Regan didn't. NASCAR loves our Country - Obama does NOT. WHAT POLITICAL DEFINITIONS AND INTRICACIES SEPARATE BARACK OBAMA FROM ANY CURRENT OR HISTORICAL FASCIST DICTATORS???


Entertaining sports figures in the WH sandwiched between blame speeches, fundraisers, and parties. Then off to the golf course. This is a weekly pattern for obummer when he isn't headed off to vacation. OFF FOR ANOTHER GOLFGASM....GUESS HE CAN'T DO AS MUCH DAMAGE WHILE HE'S ON ENDLESS VACATIONS DRINKING AND PARTYING....ONE QUESTION....IF NASCAR IS HILLBILLIE....WHAT DOES THAT MAKE A "GHETTO ORGANIZER"...LOL.... Ghetto organizer in chief. You got that right!

Well, the hypocrites on the left are NOT complaining about obama and his ENDORSEMENT OF A SPORT that promotes PRAYER before EVERY RACE, and not a muzlim prayer... that will NEVER happen. It appears that IF this were Rick Perry, the left would be having a fit - screaming bc NASCAR has a prayer before EVERY race, that he was endorsing religion. Obama go to NASCAR race his middle finger would be up in arms over the prayer.


Envision it...........Nascar drivers in firesuits and helmets, drenched in sweat, going bumper to bumper 190 mph down a back straightaway, with 750 horsepower engines roaring and hundred of thousands of fans screaming. Now, look at the pic to the right with Obama astride his girly bicycle wearing his Dora the Explorer helmet. You can see what he's thinking..........he's dreaming of going down the back straightaway at Talladega at 195 mph ....."Vroooom......... vrooom......... vroommmmmmmm!" Only thing Obama family knows is to drive intoxicated.

I'm proud of them, not excepting an invitation from America's King. NASCAR has taken insults by dem elitists for the last 2 years. It's no wonder they don't feel honored by the invitation from the leader of the dems. I suppose these men are going to be called redneck racists because they have "scheduling conflicts". Being redneck, a term used by the left to denote an uneducated typically Southerner to stupid to make intelligent decisions, unlike educated Northeners with their Ivy league education. I would proudly refer to myself as a redneck than a Ivy league educated weasel. Guess those rednecks ain't so stupid afterall huh.......


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