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Mornin', Spinheads, A.J. Daulerio reporting for duty. I'll admit, I'm still a little hobbled from holiday excess: the nog drinking, the oversleeping, the Eagles euphoria, the late nights spent watching Tivo'd episodes of Rob and Big, and especially from the seven fish dinner on Christmas Eve at my Aunt Estelle's. Seriously, I just sneezed and a smelt flew out of my nose and bounced off the monitor. Well worth it, though. Mangia!

Anyway, I'll be subbing the next few days as Mr. Leitch attempts to refresh his moldy mind and get some much needed sun for this body. Good luck with that.

As you may have noticed, I'll be the substitute blogger that'll let you get away with a little bit more than the others. Yes, I'm gonna sit at the desk balancing my checkbook, reading magazines, and giving you some brainless assignment that'll require you to break off into groups and talk the whole time. If you guys are good, maybe we'll play a little 7-Up.

I'm only required to do 9 posts today, so let's make the most of them. I encourage you to tip early, often, and with plenty of stuff about the playoff bound Philadelphia Eagles.

Alright, heads down, thumbs up — let's spend this last Deadspin weekday of 2006 banging some pots and pans and setting things on fire. Nuttin' but love for you, honey.