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Good Morning: Put the Lotion in the Baskett

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Hello again. So, sorry for the depressing update yesterday. New Year's Day is an official "holiday" for Deadspin, but I felt like the Darrent Williams thing shoud've been something that was posted about to facilitate discussion to those of you not stuck at home with roaring case of post-New Year's shit attacks. Beware the 3 a.m. Ellio's pizza/Diet Pepsi w/Bacardi combo. Just a terrible, terrible idea.


So, for all those uninitiated: I am A.J. Me make typey again today. First things first: Eagles are NFC East Champions; Eagles have the Giants next week at home. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate this match up. The way things have gone in the NFC this year, it's crazy not to think the Giants don't have a shot at completely disembowling the Birds next week. Look, I'm a fan, but I'm also a realist and the Eagles aren't that much of a good team, but more of a fuzzy story, regardless of how remarkeable they've played the past few weeks. And a pissed off Giants team with something to prove is not the ideal situation at all and one I'm not very confident about. Now, who can get me tickets?

Full posting schedule today and tomorrow with the usual steadfast production from editor Rick Chandler.

Tap the bottle, twist the cap.

Eagles Clinch NFC Title []

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