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Good News! You Can Go To Vegas Right Now And Bet On The 2016 Olympics

The bad news: You'll be in Las Vegas.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board voted Thursday to allow betting on the Olympics at Nevada sports books, according to AP. Previously, sports books weren't allowed to take bets on "non-college amateur events," a rule that ESPN says has been in place since 2001. The Gaming Control Board considered whether to continue disallowing betting on certain sports—especially sports whose outcomes are determined by judges—but ultimately decided to allowing betting on all sports "subject to limitation by the chairman of the board."


Anticipating the unanimous decision, sports books were ready as soon as it was announced:

If you'd like to bet on the USA to win the men's basketball gold medal (-320) or Usain Bolt to win the men's 100 meter dash (-200), it's now easier than ever.


Photo via Buda Mendes/Getty

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