Suns point guard Goran Dragic isn't the first player to ever forcefully request a trade, but most guys in that particular situation tend to keep their public comments as vanilla as possible—"I just want to play basketball, that's all I care about"—while maneuvering behind the scenes. Not Goran Dragic!

Dragic practiced with the Suns today, and afterwards he was not shy about dropping bombs on the organization:


Dragic's complaints are not without merit. He had a career year while coexisting in the Suns' backcourt with Eric Bledsoe last season, and the team rewarded him by signing Isaiah Thomas and further decreasing Dragic's role in the offense. If the Suns promised him a situation that is wildly different from the one they put him in, then they shouldn't be surprised that he is now so eagerly dumping on them in public.