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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Gorgeous Brazil Goal Starts With A Nutmeg And Just Keeps Getting Better

When Brazil full back Tamires stood there on the sideline seemingly with nowhere to go, and then insouciantly toe-poked the ball through Emily Gielnik’s legs and ran right past her, I thought to myself, Oooo that was sick, and if it ends with a goal....

And then Tamires hit a deep pass for Debinha to run onto, and when Debinha caught up to it she reached her leg so far back her foot almost touched her shoulder blade and absolutely belted in a cross for Cristiane, who then read the trajectory of the ball perfectly to sneak in front of an Aussie defender and, with a muscly extension of her neck that called to mind a defeated Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robot, popped the ball into the far side of the net with her forehead, and I thought, Holy shit, that was even better than I’d hoped!

Brazil currently lead Australia 2-1 [Update 1:28 p.m.: 2-2 now!] at the start of the second half, in what is at long last a close, competitive match with some goals in it.

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