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Right now Norman's the leader at even par. Of course in 1986 Greg Norman won the "Saturday Slam" by leading all four major tournaments with one day to play. He only managed to win the British Open. He's also the only golfer to have lost a playoff at all four majors. I guess what I'm saying is, Greg Norman defines the golfing yips.

Also, I neglected to note that Norman married Chris Evert on June 28. How cute.

Other names within shouting distance for the weekend? How about David Duval currently at +1 (through 5 holes), Jean Van de Velde at +4, and Rocco at +3. Also, some guy named Camillo Villegas shot a 65. Which is like shooting a 61 or 62 in decent weather. Villegas birdied the final five holes, and then, just because he could, he made out with Amy Mickelson.


If there is any justice in the world our final pairing on Sunday will be Rocco and Van de Velde. In the meantime, they're forecasting 45 mile an hour winds and rain for tomorrow. Gotta love those lovely British summers.

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