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About halfway through the fourth quarter of yesterday's Buccaneers-Cowboys game, Buccaneers cornerback Myron Lewis committed an unnecessary roughness penalty while his team was attempting to return a punt. In the video above, you can see him get tangled up with the Cowboys' Lequan Lewis (#23) before throwing a punch that drew the personal foul call. After the play, Lewis returned to the sideline where his coach, Greg Schiano, was waiting for him. That's when things took a turn for the hilarious.

You can clearly see Schiano asking, "Was that you?" (in regards to the personal foul call) when Lewis gets to the sideline, a question that Lewis seemingly answers by explaining that he only committed the foul because he was grabbed. It does indeed look like he got his jersey yanked on by the other Lewis during the play. That's when Schiano blows a gasket, and appears to scream, "I don't give a fuck if he [deep inhalation] grabbed your balls!" That breath that Schiano takes right before "grabbed your balls!" is just the best. It looks involuntary, like a built-in defense mechanism that's meant to keep him from having an aneurysm during sudden fits of rage.


And with this, Greg Schiano continues his meteoric rise towards the top of the Asshole NFL Coaches power rankings.

h/t Tom

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