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Guy Who Said "You Can't Arrest Me, I'm A Colts Player" No Longer A Colts Player

Illustration for article titled Guy Who Said You Cant Arrest Me, Im A Colts Player No Longer A Colts Player

How was your Labor Day? It was better than Colts rookie John Boyett's.

Boyett, a safety taken in the sixth round out of Oregon, had himself a hell of a Sunday night. After being refused entrance to an Indianapolis bar because he was too intoxicated, Boyett delivered a "stiff arm" to an officer trying to arrest him and took off running. Finally he was dragged down by four officers.

We placed the male on his buttocks and attempted to identify him. We asked him several times what his name was and he kept repeating "You can't arrest me...I'm a Colts player."


He later allegedly threatened one of the arresting officers, "I am going to come back and break your jaw."

Boyett was charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and resisting law enforcement. The police report is below, via the Indianapolis Star.


He's going to need a new get-out-of-jail card, because today the Colts released Boyett.

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