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Gwar Lead Singer Oderus Urungus Sat In On The Dan Patrick Show Today, And It Was Weird

Commenting on topics as wide-ranging as the NCAA tournament, Peyton Manning's future, and "Canadian twit" Avril Lavigne, Gwar lead singer Oderus Urungus spent an hour on-set of The Dan Patrick Show this morning.

The shock/comedy/metal band passed through Patrick's Connecticut studios en route to a show in Boston, and with an available seat thanks to Andrew "McLovin" Perloff's paternity-related absence, Oderus sat and discussed his hometown VCU Rams' exit from March Madness as well as his allegiance to the "cursed" Washington Redskins. (During last season's Final Four run, the band suggested they may refer to the Rams in a song on their upcoming album.)

He appeared to annoy executive producer Todd Fritz on several occasions, though given the nature of the show it's tough to say if this was authentic annoyance or simply played up for comedic effect. Either way, it was bizarre but deliciously funny. [Fox Sports/Audience Network]

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