Hacked Comment Questions: Come Here, Speak Up

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Some of you have emailed or g-chatted with concerns that the system still won't enable you to change your passwords. This, I am told, is being investigated by the brave Tech Team. Go to Gizmodo for updates on most questions.


I'm sorry this happened to many of you. Hopefully, we'll all figure out how to prevent this type of thing from happening again, but often times this is completely out of our control. For the most part, though, everything should be back to normal eventually once the exorcism takes place. You know, getting all THEPOWEROFCHRISTCOMPELSYOU! on whatever part of the system needs the holy water bath.

UPDATE: Here's a quick and handy way from Slate to see if your account has been compromised. If it has, proceed to the next paragaph.


But, look, if you're still having problems resetting your information on your Gawker media passwords, pop me an email and I'll keep it on file to send to the appropriate people in the Tech. If you trust me with your information, that is. Also, if you receive suspicious emails, or if your cubicle is violently shaking, or if your monitor spits green vomit at you, please let me know that, too.

Here's the party line on many of these issues and I do suggest you read through the Lifehacker and Gizmodo posts in order to alleviate any of your fears.

We know you have questions and concerns about the weekend site hacks — we've got ears and answers. Editors and tech are here for all the Q&A you can handle.


If you have not yet changed your account password, please stop here and click through to Lifehacker's comprehensive FAQ on the weekend's security breach and the steps you should immediately take to secure your account.

Gawker Media prides itself immensely on the contributions of its commenters, who create lively debate, innovative observations and provocative discussion every day. You're the essential fuel to the story-fires we start.

We take the concerns of our readers extremely seriously. We are working around the clock to ensure the safety and security of our sites moving forward.

Right now we're here to answer questions that remain, provide a space for you to vent, bond together in solidarity, and praise your cross-site ingenuity, savvy and generosity while under fire.


Hope this is helpful. For those of you who can comment, I'll answer any questions as best I can in the thread below.

UPDATES: So here's the most typical complaint and an easy walk-through:

If you can't log in, that means you have a simple password which is easily cracked and we have disabled access to your account.

Three possibilities.

A. You have an email address associated with account, click Reset password to get a new password.

B. Try again tomorrow after ongoing tech issues sorted.

C. If you don't have an email address associated with your account and still can't log in tomorrow: email help@gawker.com and we will manually reinstate you after a few verification questions.