The New Berlin Eisenhower High School football program — motto: When you gotta go, you gotta go — is under fire this week for the actions of its junior varsity team at halftime of a recent game against — and I'm not making this up — Pewaukee High. Believing that the restrooms were locked, visiting Eisenhower players relieved themselves on the outskirts of the playing field; in full view of the fans. (Steve Spurrier is intrigued and would like to see film of the game).

Superintendent Paul Kreutzer tells the Journal Sentinel he has spoken with the players and says they showed incredibly poor judgment during halftime of Monday night's game. Parents of opposing players agree. "I was very mad and I thought it was completely rude and uncalled for," said Michele Bellows, whose son plays for Pewaukee's junior varsity team. "I thought that they were making a statement like 'the heck with you guys.' " Pewaukee Athletic Director John Maltsch admonished the boys and their coach over the public address system, saying "Coach, we do have facilities for your players to use."

It's just Eisenhower's luck that the Packers aren't doing so hot and the Brewers are out of the playoffs, making this the hot topic of discussion in Wisconsin. Debate is flowing on local newstalk radio — seriously — and the school district is investigating the incident. The Eisenhower and Pewaukee varsity teams play on Friday, and one shudders to think what they will do to try and top the JVs. School District Investigating Football Team's Public Urination [620WTMJ] Football Players Who Urinated Near Field Could Be Punished [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]