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Hall Of Fame Inductee: Carl Monday

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Presenting the final (for now) member of the inaugural class of the Deadspin Hall Of Fame ...

Carl Monday.

An obvious pick, and we can think of no greater honor. By the way, "Run You F—-ing Dinosaur, Run!" was just over the 75 percent threshold but was plagued by countless "voting irregularities." So, sorry, we couldn't include it ...


Naw, just kidding.

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We had to allow the Chicago-Daley-type votes, because, frankly, stuffing ballot boxes for an obscure phrase about a furry dinosaur seems like the very definition of the Deadspin way. As for us, we voted for: Orton, cheerleaders, Stephen A. Smith, the dinosaur, the sex boat ... and Barbaro.

As mentioned, today is the one year anniversary of Deadspin. (Look, here's our "real" post. Ignore the date, it's wrong.) We will be "celebrating" deep into the night tonight, but we wanted to thank you for making the last year of our lives as enjoyable as one could possibly hope for. We don't know about you, but we're planning to have many more. Thank you.


(Plaque by Jim Cooke.)

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