Hanley Ramirez's Sugar Daddy Keeps Him In Bling

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Tacky, tacky, tacky. But the pendant celebrating Ramirez's batting average title isn't as bad as it could be, since he didn't buy it himself. No, it's a gift from an older gentleman that likes to see he's taken care of.

Ramirez's .342 average was a league-best, as well as an all-time best for the franchise. So owner Jeffrey Loria wanted to commemorate it in the most nouveau riche fashion imaginable. I'd say the 394 diamonds, equaling about 9 carats, fits the bill nicely.

Hanley did something magnificent last year,'' Loria said. "I know he gets the trophies and all the accolades that come with it. We don't wear jewelry on the field, but I know Hanley likes it off the field.''


Before this gets too classy, check this: on opening day, the first 5,000 fans that win at "Billy Bingo" will receive a replica of the pendant. Who says there's no ice in Florida?

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