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Happy Birthday To The Madmen At KSK

This graphic, whipped up by the great twoeightnine at With Leather, signifies a historic anniversary today: The folks at Kissing Suzy Kolber are celebrating their one-year birthday today. It's rather amazing to think it has just been a year since they spawned; they legitimately made last year's mostly subpar NFL season a glorious kaleidoscope of madness, and infinitely more enjoyable.


From the infamous Mary Beth King photos to the absolute genius that is The Sex Cannon, KSK has always been one of our favorite and most inspiring stops on this here Internets. Not only are they consistently hilarious — and they are — but they were also formed in the most organic possible way: Hey, you're funny, and you're funny, you're funny ... let's get together and do this. It's not that hard. Now we have Ladies ...and DeadOn and countless other sites inspired by what KSK did. They just dug in and starting throwing down; taking the work seriously, but not the sports. It really is that easy, folks. We love the Internet; we really do.

Happy birthday, guys. We recommend everybody head over there and join their party. Grossmans' already there, and ready to freaking party.

Kissing Suzy Kolber

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