Harrowing McKenzie Milton Injury Update Includes The Phrase "Blood Flow Has Been Restored"

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Friday afternoon UCF star quarterback McKenzie Milton went directly from the 25-yard line of Raymond James Stadium, where he was writhing in agony with his leg bent in a very wrong direction, to Tampa General Hospital, where he underwent surgery. He’s still there today, and his family says there are more surgeries to come, but the good news, I guess(?), is that blood flow has been restored to his lower leg. Sheesh.

It’s an indicator of just how devastating the gruesome injury was that the simple fact of blood moving through the vessels of the lower leg is considered a positive development. Tuesday’s queasy update is somewhat less uplifting than Monday’s update, when Milton’s teammate Jordan Johnson reported that the injured quarterback was able to take a few steps over the weekend:

“I called him to see how he was doing, and he was letting us know that he’s there for us,” Johnson said. “He wants to see us succeed, so we’re out there playing for McKenzie. We want to go out there and win for him. It was all good vibes. I told him it was good to see him smiling. He said that he got to walk the other day, and he never appreciated walking as much.”


Milton’s folks say he will have reconstructive surgery on his right knee “at a later time.” UCF will face Memphis in the AAC championship game on Saturday—Milton, laid up in the hospital with a comprehensively busted leg, is reportedly participating in quarterback meetings via video conference.