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Has Success Spoiled The Patriots Fan?

Boos in Foxboro? Having grown up in California, I'm kind of used to seeing streams of disgruntled fans heading for the exits way before the game has ended (and that includes high school crowds, when I was playing). I just never thought I'd see it in Patriots Land. Has seven years of football success spoiled the Pats fan? Their behavior following their worst home loss in 10 years, a 38-13 drubbing to the Dolphins, may indicate that the answer is yes. Anyway, cornerback Ellis Hobbs thinks that may be the case.

“It doesn’t hurt,” Hobbs said. “It amazes me how people react. You would think that this organization hasn’t won as much as they have and been successful in the years that they have, and it’s a testament to how spoiled they are where expectations are that high that we’re not allowed a bad game. How many times has somebody had a bad day at the office? How many times has somebody missed a deadline and not gotten in the paper? Missing whatever, forgetting to fix their kids' lunch? “Even the kids . . they’ve got the kids out there, where I’m hearing they’re even crying over this and that’s a direct relationship from the parents down. Is it that bad? You’ve got people dying every day. This is a sport. And you’ve got kids out there crying over a loss in the regular season? It makes me look at it like, ‘Am I supposed to be crying?’ ”


Pats' Pulpit had this to say:

I was at the game and was embarrassed when our guys, the guys who gave us 3 rings and many trips to the playoffs, were booed at halftime. If your voice wasn't horse from screaming in support during defensive plays, then SHUT THE HELL UP!! Sure, they paid their money and wanted to see a win, but it's a sporting event, my friends. Any given Sunday. Mad props to Miami for an awesome game on their part. If I couldn't enjoy my Patriots, I certainly got an eyeful of some good football.

Thank goodness the Patriots still have the calm, steadying demeanor of Randy Moss to carry then through:

When asked whether he's had to adjust his play in going from Brady to Cassel, Moss batted away the question. "You like starting trouble, man," he said. "I'm not going to answer that. Put it in your own column. Next question."


The wheels may be coming off this bandwagon, folks. That didn't take long. Now if you'll excuse me, I have lunches to fix ... shit! It's 1:30! New England Patriots Lose A Regular Season Game — Don't Jump Yet [Pats Pulpit] Reading Receiver's Moves [The Boston Globe] Patriots Try To Rally From Blowout, And Boos [NBCSports]

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