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If so, you're a special brand of baseball geek. (And that is a compliment.) You're also in luck.

Ghosts of DC has long been on the trail of any recordings of the Big Train, one of the inductees in baseball's inaugural Hall of Fame class. But it's been a futile search, until now. Though the righty fireballer retired in 1927, Johnson spent one season calling the play-by-play of Senators games for WJSV radio. By providence, WJSV recorded an entire broadcast day: Sept. 21, 1939, when the Senators hosted the Indians at Griffith Stadium.


Johnson begins speaking at 1:44. One of the greatest pitchers of all time sounds...well, like the Kansas farm boy he was.

Why not listen to the entire game? Cleveland won 6-3 on the strength of a six-run eighth inning off Washington starter Dick Bass. It would be Bass's first and only major league appearance.

[Ghosts of DC]

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