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At first this reads like the further pussification of sports, where a fan gets arrested for heckling a player. But it quickly takes a turn into Annie Wilkes territory.


Brittney Jane Mears, a 22-year-old Iowa student, was arrested during Saturday's game for constantly yelling at defensive end Adrian Clayborn. Turns out she has an unhealthy obsession with him:

According to a previous third-degree harassment charge, the alleged contact with Clayborn began on June 28 when Mears was given a warning against making contact with him. After that Mears continued to drive past Clayborn's workplace while staring at him, police said. According to a criminal complaint for a July 27 alleged offense, Mears sent Clayborn a lewd text message.


Honey, raise your standards for stalking. Try a pro athlete, not college. If you must, then try a big football school. At least try better than a defensive end.

Reader Brandon, who sent this along, asks the obvious question: Is this woman a) crazy? b) carrying the player's baby? c) trying to give him a route-running tip? or d) all of the above?

Mears is still being held, in lieu of only $1,000 bond, which is pretty pathetic.

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