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'Hawks Fan Hocks Bitter Loogie

Southerners and the Civil War. That's perhaps the one group of people more single-mindedly embittered by an event than Seahawks fans and Super Bowl XL. "How dare those refs flag Darrell Jackson for pushing off Chris Hope directly in front of an official!?" "Calling Sean Locklear for a clear holding call on Clark Haggans stalled one of our key drives! No fair!" A short-order cook in Seattle decided that he could takes no more and in one expectoration, he could dispel all the lingering bitterness.

Yep, a 24-year-old cook working in a restaurant near Seattle was arrested for spitting in a Steelers fan's burger. Then cops found out he had some weed, which he blamed on the refs.

Deputies said the 37-year-old man in Steelers garb took his daughters to a Mile Hill Drive fast food restaurant Saturday evening, and "began trading friendly barbs about his team and their victory over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL," reports said.

One employee told the man that he'd "better not say that to the guy that's making your food," but the man thought it was a joke, reports said.


Okay, I'll cut the C-Hox fans some slack. This may have been justified. It's all a matter of degree, really. Exactly how much "Steelers garb" are we talking about here? Wearing a jersey in the middle of March and talking shit? That's a bit douchey. But if it's just a hat and some friendly banter — not so bad.

Also, apropos of, uh, the Steelers, I guess, I think Barack Obama might be their next running back.


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