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He Fought The Tow Truck And The Tow Truck Won

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No sooner had Ohio State garnered some positive publicity than the Buckeyes were brought back to earth with the drunken, mischievous adventures of offensive lineman Alex Boone.


You never want to see the terms "punching a tow truck" and "shot with a stun gun as he resisted arrest" assembled in the same story about you two months before the NFL draft.

Alex Boone was taken to Saddleback Hospital by sheriff's deputies for injuries resulting from being shot with a stun gun and being heavily intoxicated, said sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino. He was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest, threatening officers, jumping onto the tops of several cars and banging on garage doors around 11:30 p.m. Sunday at the Barcelona apartments at 23500 Windsong.

When deputies arrived, Amormino said, Boone was trying to punch out the driver's side window of a tow truck; he then jumped onto the back of the truck. Boone then tried to flee police, Amormino said.


Boone has had a problem with binge drinking in the past — he was arrested for DUI in Columbus in 2006 — and his mother, Amy, is hopeful that he will now seek treatment, according to the Columbus Dispatch. And now it is time for the Jim Tressel quote:

"Alex headed to California to focus solely on his training. It is so disappointing to hear that he had this mishap. His intentions were to prepare for his NFL dream."

No Jim: stepping on a rake so that the handle snaps up and hits you in the face, that's a mishap. Getting drunk enough to tackle a tow truck while you're preparing for the NFL draft is something quite more serious.

Your move, Michael Phelps.

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