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Head-Hunting Kiko Alonso Traded To The Bountygate Team

It’s not often that NFL roster moves are a match made in hell, but that seems to be exactly the case with Kiko Alonso getting traded from the Dolphins to the Saints. In exchange for Alonso, Miami received linebacker Vince Biegel, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero.


In his three years as a Dolphin, Alonso started 46 out of a possible 48 games and racked up 355 tackles, six forced fumbles, 11 pass deflections, five interceptions and one sack. He also was responsible for two very dirty hits against quarterbacks attempting to slide. The first came against the Ravens in 2017, where he concussed Joe Flacco in a way that provided a scary look at what the effects of a huge blow to the head can look like:

Alonso was neither ejected nor suspended for what he did. He was, however, ejected after a failed attempt at trying to do the exact same thing Bills quarterback Josh Allen this past season, which can be in the gif up top. As the replay shows, Allen didn’t get hit in the head until Alonso’s legs kicked up at the end of his human missile launch. But even without the results being as harrowing as they were with the ex-Ravens quarterback, Allen’s teammates still rushed the linebacker in an attempt to get some restorative justice with more numbers and more speed than Flacco’s teammates did.

With all that on his resumé, it makes sense that the his newest team is the same one that brought the term “Bountygate” into the sports world’s lexicon. Perhaps the Falcons, Panthers, and maybe even the Bucs should consider penciling in at least two rest days for their respective quarterbacks now that this asshole is running around in the division.