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"Healthy Woman Roof"

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A story yesterday in The New York Times detailed when Americans get sayings from other countries as tattoos ... and those sayings turn out to be wrong. The story includes the famous Britney Spears mixup, when she got a Chinese tattoo she thought said "mysterious" but actually said "strange."

Well, Dallas Mavericks guard Marquis Daniels is mentioned in the story, and he has our favorite anecdote.

Marquis Daniels, of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, thought he was getting his initials in Chinese. But what his arm actually says is 'healthy woman roof."


Best part about this? "Healthy woman roof" sounds exactly like something Dirk Nowitzki would say after draining a jumpshot in someone's face. "Healthy woman roof, bitch!"

Body Art With Botched Messages [New York Times]

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