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Heck, Those Heels Are Out Of Control, Consarn It

Silly East Regional, with your whole going-according-to-seed business: This absolutely will not do. That said, of the four teams hanging around Charlotte next week — wait ... is that North Carolina ... in Charlotte? Boo! — a definitive pecking order has already emerged. That is to say: Don't bet on Tennessee.

Bruce Pearl's troops just frittered around enough to give the East Region its one shot of intrigue; Louisville, Washington State and especially North Carolina have looked dominant so far. How awesome have the Heels looked? Roy Williams actually admitted after the win yesterday that "we looked doggone good today." For God's sake, someone put a leash on that guy! He's out of control! (All together now: At least he finally gives a shit about North Carolina right now.)


Meanwhile, Louisville is one of the few teams we've seen in person this year ... and they lost, to Seton Hall. (This had the added humiliation of having taken place in Newark.) So where did that come from?

More to the point, though: Anyone who picked North Carolina to win the whole thing has to feel rather positive right now. So, Heels fans can all relax and just enjoy The Truth About Duke right now.

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