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Patrick Mazeika is a catcher currently playing Class A ball in the Mets’ organization. This classifies him both as a person who is struggling to make a living and also as a teammate of ultra-famous Tim Tebow. To Mazeika’s credit, he seems to have found a way to turn the latter circumstance into a lucrative one.


First, let’s establish that Mazeika and Tebow have in fact interacted with each other:

Now we’ll head on over to eBay, where a seller with the user name pmazeika19 is selling an autographed Tim Tebow baseball bat for $4,500. Given that pmazeika19 has previously put a pair of customized Mets cleats up for sale, I think it’s safe to assume this is Patrick Mazeika’s eBay account.

And I say more power to him, and to Tebow for signing the bat in the first place. Tebow is fabulously wealthy in ways that most of his teammates will only ever dream of being, and he should continue to use his fame to help them make some extra money off the circus surrounding his nascent baseball career. If some Tebow-worshipping doofus wants to fork over $4,500 for a stupid signed bat, then good for that doofus and good for young Patrick Mazeika.


Update (1:03 p.m.): Mazeika reached out to me and explained that he doesn’t actually plan on selling the bat right now, but listed it on eBay just to see how much it might go for:

Just so you know Tim Tebow did give me permission to sell his bat. I don’t plan on selling it (why it was posted for 4500 because no one would buy it) and was looking to see what people would offer. Had a few offers above $1,000. Don’t plan on selling though.

Thanks Patrick 

Take the thousand bucks, man!

h/t Toe Drag

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