Henderson Alvarez had a rough fourth inning against the Giants last night. He gave up four runs thanks to a couple of walks, a couple of hits, a wild pitch, a three-way brain fart at first base and a balk. The next inning he tried to bunt his way on and managed to make solid contact on a pitch that was about to hit him with a bat floating in mid-air. Consistent with the way the night was going for Alvarez, the ball went foul and the bat hit him.

But let's talk about that multi-user error in top half of the fourth for a second. Pablo Sandoval hit a hard shot to first base and Alvarez was late getting over to cover first. He does eventually get there in time, though, but Logan Morrison already noticed he was and decides he is going to take it all the way himself and slide into first despite Alvarez standing on the bag when he begins his slide (while also holding the ball in his hand). Pablo Sandoval makes essentially the same decision as Morrison except he switches it up and decides to slide head first. Which is nice, because he's met by Morrison's cleats. Alvarez jumps over both as a sort of celebratory flourish for one of the dumber moments, per capita, you can find in a game. It's an infield single for Sandoval.

After the game, Alvarez tried to explain the play. "I thought I had a little time, so maybe if LoMo threw it, we would have got him out. But that's baseball. Stuff happens."


h/t Dan