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Henry Family Reminds Everyone Who's The Boss

Carl Henry was not happy about that article that seemed to suggest he was a arrogant basketball father on a power trip, so he responded in the only way that made sense—by pulling an arrogant power trip.


I actually sorta defended the Henrys as an unfortunate product of the NBA's silly one-and-done rule, but J. Brady McCollough's Kansas City Star article about the Henry family gave a lot of Kansas fans pause. Some say it made Jayhawk recruits Xavier and C.J. look like prima donnas and made their dad look like a demanding control freak. Dad didn't like it either and he also didn't appreciate the insinuation that he would make veiled threats towards Bill Self's program to ensure his sons get preferential treatment—so he responded by making veiled threats towards Bill Self's program.

Late yesterday, Henry hinted that he was so upset about the story—one he fully admitted was factually accurate—that the boys might change their mind about attending Kansas and maybe bolt for Kentucky or somewhere else. He announced that they would have a "family meeting" Tuesday night to decide their fate. Very late in the evening, Xavier finally texted radio host Cory Anderson saying, "I'm goin to Kansas and that's final." Crisis averted! For now.

Now some might say responding to charges of being a prima donna by acting like a prima donna, doesn't make a lot of sense—but that's the way prima donnas work. Illogical overreaction is the whole point. But thank you to Carl Henry for proving all his critics right in one burst of crazy. It's too late for the Henry boys to go anywhere else (even though Dan Shanoff's D-League suggestion makes perfect sense) but at least when things go south for the Jayhawks this season, no one can say they weren't warned.

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