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Notes from Week 3 in the NFL...

• So the Bengals pulled off their biggest win in a decade, a breathtaking comeback victory on the road against the defending Super Bowl champion. It's impossible not to be happy to be a Bengals fan right now. Everything's going perfect. How to celebrate? By getting arrested, of course! Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman, who's still in the midst of a four-game substance abuse suspension (long rumored to have been crystal meth), was busted last night with two other Bengals for drunk driving. Not just drunk driving either; it was a "Super OVI," which means his BAC was more than twice the legal limit. Go Bengals!


• Clinton Portis saved countless Redskins fans from ritualistic suicide with an outstanding game ... but we never realized that he wore his huge diamond earrings under his helmet. We did not know this was common. Inevitably, someone's going to lose one of those on the field and crawl around looking for it like a basketball player searching for a contact.

• Brett Favre. Three touchdowns. Should have retired. Will he be traded? Gunslinger's mentality. Veteran quarterback moxie. A warrior champion. Zzzzzzzz.

• It's worth noting, Giants fans, that not even our Illini have fallen behind 42-3 this year.

• Now that Buccaneers quarterback Chris Simms appears to be out of critical condition and seems to be OK — though he's likely out the rest of the season — it's probably acceptable now to wonder, when the doctors cut off his uniform to perform the emergency spleen removal, they say that tattoo and were like, "Uh ... is that a dude's name on lower leg?"


• It's starting to look like the AFC East might be the NL Central of football. Though that's just kind of mean.


• Of our many, many disappointments with the Buzzsaw yesterday — we'll get to this a little later — the biggest one is that Neil Rackers didn't get to try a 77-yard field goal with no time on the clock. That might have been fun.

(UPDATE: By the way, Cris Collinsworth's rip on Koren Robinson during "Football Night In America" yesterday — "he scores a touchdown ... he should go out and have a drink and celebrate!" — was as mean as anything we've had on this site. Funnier too.)


(SECOND UPDATE: By the way, they've figured out who one of the other players in the car with Thurman was. Guess who? That's right ... Chris Henry!)

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