Chris Christie (and some other people) played in a softball game at Yankee Stadium last night. There’s video of famous people saying nice things about the NYPD, if that’s your thing, but still photography remains the best way to capture great sports memories. Here are some photos from the game.

(All wire photos by Frank Franklin II for the AP, who probably enjoyed his evening in the Bronx.)

New Jersey’s governor played in the field:


He made some good plays and got people out with timely throws from the hot corner: says he was even named the unofficial MVP by WFAN:


Christie’s batting did not go as well:

He popped out to left.

Christie’s friend Rex Ryan came to have fun and show off his skinnybod:


Rex hung out with Chris during the game:

Christie’s grandpa came to watch him play, too:


Everyone had fun and played a good, clean game.