Here Are The Salaries Of Every MLS Player

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That little guy on the left? That's Joao Plata, a 21-year-old Ecuadorean forward making a splash in his first season after being traded to Real Salt Lake. He had a hell of a game on Saturday, assisting on both RSL goals in a 2-0 win. That ties him for the MLS lead in assists. There's a very good chance you make more money than he does.

As it does every year, the Major League Soccer Players Union has released 2013 salary information for every single player, from the highest (Thierry Henry, making $4.35 million) to the lowest (a whole mess of guys making the league-minimum $35,125).

Go through the lists below and pull out anything you find intriguing. SBNation's Jeremiah Oshan has already crunched some numbers:


(For the record, the three men in the photo, Joao Plata, John Stertzer, David Viana, make $60,000, $75,250, and $49,958, respectively.)