Most "end of an era" talk is usually lazy analysis seeking to narrativize the moment when a former Super Team inevitably devolves into just a Really Good Team. But when the reigning World and two-time European Champions get absolutely ran off the pitch while looking old and terrified, you have to take stock of the situation. And when it happens twice, well, whether you call it an era-ender or just a shellacking doesn't make too much of a difference, now does it.

The first goal was a masterclass in patience, with Charles Aránguiz waiting until the last moment to cut a ball back to Eduardo Vargas, who then waited until the perfect time to evade Iker Casillas and slot in the goal. The second was another embarrassing error for Iker Casillas, who for some reason tried to punch out a free kick shot that looked eminently catchable.

If this generation's stars have had their last significant moment in Spain's red jerseys, maybe the coming youth movement can get a jumpstart during their irrelevant third match in Group B. Either way, it couldn't be any worse than what we saw today.