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Here Come The Rosenhaus Defections

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The first domino has fallen. Yesterday, in a move that everyone knew was coming but hadn't been made official, Packers wide receiver Javon Walker fired Drew Rosenhaus as his agent. The move is the first of what many expect to be several defections from Rosenhaus' stable of clients, considering he has the tendency to, you know, completely screw up his clients' careers.


We have sympathy, though, for Walker. Rosenhaus' problem has always been one of overambition. His goal has been less to get his clients more money and more to change the entire pay structure of the NFL, which, as has been well documented, is the least fair to its athletes in all of American professional sport. What Rosenhaus was trying to do for Walker was grab him an extension after his best season in case he ended up injured and unable to play and earn money. And you know what? That's exactly what happened to Walker. Rosenhaus might not have been successful — which is certainly becoming a trend — but it's difficult to blame Walker for what he was trying to do, considering what happened. The real question will be if Terrell Owens drops Rosenhaus in the offseason. If that happens, well, we suggest Rosenhaus strap himself up to an e-meter, consider Scientology and finally go the Jerry Maguire route, full bore.

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