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Here Is A Northwestern Student Reading At A Football Game, Perpetuating Stereotypes

Sent in by reader Andrew, here is a Northwestern student, presumably, doing nothing to dispel the brainy rep schools like Northwestern have. So, we have a Northwestern student reading at a football game. But there must be more.

Maybe you came across an Alabama fan trying to read at a football game. Maybe you saw an Ohio State fan dragging a club in one hand and his girlfriend in the other, or a Texas fan talking about how awesome live music is at a football game. Or maybe you went to a Harvard game and saw a student running the government and holding down the people at a football game. Whatever your story, drop it in the discussion below. If you've got art, like reader Andrew, even better.


According to the scoreboard, there's two and a half minutes left in what one can only assume—because you didn't watch this game either—was an exciting 28-17 win against the Iowa Hawkeyes. Revelers should either be reveling or gnawing fingernails, waiting for the game to officially end. Instead, dude has his nose buried in the binding of his book that he brought to a football game.

Let's be clear, though, reading is not something that should ever be criticized. But if this guy, if this fucking guy is one of those guys who goes to the bar and reads The Waste Land in a corner by himself, then he is a phony and makes those of us who read without saying things like "I'm a reader" look bad by proxy. So, share your gameday experiences and be mindful of how important context is to any situation. Reading at a football game is just as problematic as funneling beers in the library.

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