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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Here Is The 911 Call Made From Charles Sly's Parents' Home When Peyton Manning's Goons Showed Up

Illustration for article titled Here Is The 911 Call Made From Charles Slys Parents Home When Peyton Mannings Goons Showed Up

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that two private investigators hired by Peyton Manning went to the home of Charles Sly’s parents shortly after Sly made hidden-camera allegations about Manning’s alleged HGH usage in an Al-Jazeera documentary. The investigators spooked Sly’s family, which led to them making a 911 call. You can hear that entire call below:

The girl on the phone is Sly’s sister. At the beginning of the call, you can clearly hear her saying that the investigators falsely represented themselves as law-enforcement officers, but refused to present any badges.


Photo via Getty


Correction: This post originally stated that the call was made from Charles Sly’s home by his daughter. It was actually made from Sly’s parents’ home by Sly’s sister.

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