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Here’s Manti Te’o Hoaxer Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Performing What He Claims Is Lennay Kekua’s Voice


When the first part of Dr. Phil's exclusive interview with Ronaiah Tuiasosopo concluded yesterday, we were left with a cliffhanger: would Ronaiah finally give in to the good Doctor's demands and perform the voice of Lennay Kekua? Today we got the answer: sort of. [Update, March 3, 2014: The video has been removed.]

After an inconclusive performance behind a privacy screen, Dr. Phil set up a scenario for Ronaiah to perform the Lennay character from the Tuiasosopo home on a clean phone with a producer serving as witness.

That recording was sent to voice analysts, one of whom concluded Tuiasosopo was "a true talent" who had abilities the analyst had never seen before. All three experts concluded the voice matched those from the voicemails. Here are the original voicemails provided by Te'o, for comparison:


Tuiasosopo also explained his lengthy deception as a way to "escape" from real life after being repeatedly molested as a child by a family friend. He later provided a tearful apology to everyone he'd hurt, including his family, friends, and Te'o himself.

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