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Here's A Dude Who Tattooed Tom Brady's Name On The Inside Of His Lip

This here is a 21-year-old Pats fan from Waltham, Mass., who is really changing the ill-advised sports tattoo game.

According to Boston Magazine, this guy got this tattoo while vacationing in Bali, Indonesia. After getting the tat, he wrote the following on his Facebook page:

"You ever wake up one morning after a crazy night and just realize you have Tom Brady tattooed on your lip?…I did…LETS GO PATS!"


One might argue that a tattoo like this, which can be hidden, isn't as bad as, say, getting your whole damn head inked up to look like a football helmet. On the other hand, I once knew an awful girl who had "Killer" tattooed on the inside of her lip, and she also had two swastikas tattooed on her butt. My colleague Kevin Draper also knows a guy who got "hyphy" tattooed on his lip.

The point is this: the tattoo-on-the-inside-of-the-lip club is not one that you want to belong to.

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