Want to make watching a radio show on television interesting? Spill urine all over one of the hosts (maybe).

WFAN's Boomer and Carton Morning Drive ExtravaMANza was in the middle of a staff drug-testing segment—to spoof MLB's latest scandal—so there was a cup of urine just chilling out on the desk next to Craig Carton because where else are you going to put an open cup of urine? Near the end of the segment, when Carton called producer Al Dukes in to take away the urine-filled solo cup, Dukes somehow managed to spill it all over the place.

We say somehow managed because the camera conveniently cuts away from Carton and the urine right at the moment the pee is supposedly spilled, so who knows what actually happened. The reactions seem genuine enough—Boomer Esiason sounds like a hyena and Dukes runs away almost immediately—but the guy who filled that cup was either really, really hydrated when he peed into a regular plastic cup or holding a carton of lemonade.

[Awful Announcing]