Here's A Spirited Defense Of "Colored" Tiger Woods Which Condemns Brett Favre, SI, Dumb Parents And America

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Words beyond "offended but strangely mesmerized" escape me after reading this email that came in at 12:31 a.m. yesterday. Spent a day and a half debating whether I should even post it. You decide whether I made the right call.

Can someone please appease my ground beef sausage of a brain today (drinking and smokin before thanksgiving and after thanksgiving dinner is a whole new hangover for me today—where was I? Oh yeah) and call out how fucking racist it is to be consdenscending, giving out unsolicited public advice to a colored athlete who did nothing but enjoy sex with other women ( has a nice white mans idea what it is to be "good" for tiger woods) , while a guy who sent out dick pics while his wife was recovering from cancer, gets a shrug and his fans turned on jenn sterger and deadspin like it was a fucking witch hunt.

Tigers fans all fucking turned on him. (Most of themz some like me who also roots for mike vick cuz americans are dumb as fuck know what's sports are for. Gambling and entertainment— Morals should be left to ur dumb fucking christian mom and retarded dad who only listens to your mom)

People say sports transcends race and race relations...maybe so. But the fans and national media just waves their middle finger in the air and says no, let's just show dumb ass america what still counts in this country. People that "look" and "act" like us should succeed. Others can just get move to the back of the bus.

God dammit I'm hungover.

Someone not black or white. Or either combo of both.

PS Let's not forget the intro that compares tiger's thanksgiving to the video game Grand Theft Auto. Fucking really SI? Really? Fucking dumbed down americans. Gta, violence, bad. Tiger, black, violent, bad. um....tiger got his ass whooped and didn't beat no hookers, rob anybody, or shoot anybody.

Fucking americans. Fuck us all.

Side note: I went with this post instead of one that came with an email subject line of "Huge cheerleader," and the sentences "I was debating whether or not to screen grab her, as it isn't very nice. However, my wife yelled at me for even thinking about it." I've withheld the photo because screen-grabber's wife was right. Oh, so was the screen-grabber. Roomy.

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