Here's Chad McGhee Reminiscing About The Charity Wrestling Match He Lost Last Weekend

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Chad McGhee's wrestling debut went well Saturday, despite the fact that it "didn't go exactly as I planned." He and his tag-team partner Big Dogg did not prevail. Woe was they.

"I lost, but I didn't get pinned lost," he said of his epic battle with Knox City Greyhounds head football coach Charles "The Animal" Steele. "It was a high quality match. I was whoopin' on him. He was whoopin' on me. I beat him up. He beat me up. Those fans were going absolutely ballistic! I couldn't even hear myself trash talk."


But then, he got clothes-lined. And then, he fell to the ground.

"Next thing I know, the ref – he went by the name ‘Bling Bling' – counted to three and ‘The Animal' Steele and the Hangin' Judge's arms are raised," Chad recounted. "Then, dammit. I lost, yes, but you want the fans to leave happy and I think they did."


They estimated attendance at 350 men, women and children. After the wrestlers got paid for their appearance, the Greyhounds Booster Club made a pretty $800.

"I'm highly disappointed but there will be a next time," he said, predicting another charity wrestlin' gathering in March or thereafter. "If I have to crawl there, there will be a next time and I'll get some pro-wrestling training first. To meet those guys, talk about their wrestling careers, it was awesome."


Back to football for a moment: Chad'll be in the booth when the 3-4 Greyhounds start their three-game conference schedule against the 7-0 Gordon Independent School District Longhorns. This is a hefty challenge for the hometown side, he admits.

"It'll be a good experience," he said. "I just hope I'm not up there talking about how Knox City tried but couldn't get it done. [Gordon] sounds like they got a really good team there."


You'll be able to hear Chad far and wide if you click this link around game time.

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