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Here's Chad McGhee With Your Weekly Knox City Greyhounds Update And Bye-Week Wrestling Extravaganza

The mighty Knox City Greyhounds scrapped back to within a game of .500 on this roller coaster of a season with a resounding 56-8 over pathetic Vernon Northside. It wasn't all lollypops and unicorns, superfan Chad McGhee reported earlier today, though.

Heath Ham, whoa boy, on the third or fourth play of the game, Heath Ham suffered a really bad dislocated elbow. Some photographer got a picture of him playing right before he hit the ground with it. Chad says you can see that "it's not the way it was meant to be," how Heath Ham's arm looks in that picture.

Poor Heath Ham, he was screaming on the field to the point where Chad thought it might negatively impact his fellow Greyhounds. But, the result was quite the opposite.

"It lit more fire in their bellies, more fire under their feet," he said, noting that it seemed as if the putrid Vernon Northside kids "weren't even there."


Now, they're going into a bye week, after which the three-week division schedule begins against the 7-0 Gordon Independent School District Longhorns. Chad'll be in the broadcast booth that night; he didn't remember exactly what station he'd be on, but there's time to get that info yet.

First, there's the little matter of this weekend's charity wrestling event at Greyhound Stadium.

With proceeds going to the Knox City Greyhounds Booster Club, there are five matches on the flyer. The rasslers's names include Skitzo and Jayson Sinsation. Duke Hazzard and Cletus Hatfield will vie for the Hillbilly Championship of Knox City. That should be a fun one.

But, all eyes will be on the main event in which Hangin Judge teams up with Knox City Head Coach Charles "The Animal" Steele to do some ring battle with Big Dogg and "Infamous Fan" Chad McGhee.


Make no mistake about it: Chad is coming to fight his foe with no regard for Greyhounds fandom. As for whether the match is fixed, Chad said "not as far as I know." He noted that he weighs about 350 pounds, and Steele tops him by about 50 so, yes, there are concerns about ring infrastructure.

"It's time for me and Steele to rumble and we're going to," said Chad, assuring the world that he can set aside the respect he has for his foe's sideline activities. "I'm not going to be in a good mood when that bell rings and I'm at my best when I'm not in a good mood. It's going to come down to who wants it more, me or him? He's a great competitor. I have my hands full. And I wouldn't want it any other way."


As for footage of said event, Chad says some TV stations will be there, but he's not filming it for YouTube. This is a nod to those adults who pay $10 at the door (under 18, $6; under 3, free!).

"You gotta be there to see it, be there to feel it," Chad concludes.

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