Our favorite Texas high-school football fan/aspiring pro wrestler Chad McGhee was in the booth Friday night when his beloved Knox City Greyhounds faced the 7-0 Gordon Longhorns. Make that the 7-1 Gordon Longhorns. Per Chad's Facebook page in those giddy hours immediately after the showdown:

the Knox city greyhounds proved why they are the best, why they are # 1 & why they are the most dominate force in high school football. the greyhounds beat the Gordon Longhorns 92-54 Final. and i want to give out a very special thank you to MR. Nate Glover & MicroplexNews.com for allowing me to be a part of the broadcast team calling the play by play action. and a very special thank you also goes out to the volunteer fire fighters for allowing me to be a part of the haunted house tonight. much more to come from that by the way and a video is also coming about that too. IT'S BEEN A GREAT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knox City High School Football Rules? If that is to be the case โ€” and it certainly may be โ€” they'll have to prove it on the field of war against an undefeated team for the second consecutive week. The Throckmorton Greyhounds are coming to town, huffing the famefumes of their 7-0 record.

Running the risk of getting ahead of ourselves here, a Knox City victory coupled with a Gordon win over the Paint Creek Pirates will clinch the four-team division title for Chad's boys if District 9, Division 1 abides by NFL divisional tiebreaker rules.


Glory is within reach.

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