Here's Every Finable Offense For Raiders Cheerleaders

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Lacy T., a Raiderette during the recently completed season, has sued the Oakland Raiders for a slew of shoddy business practices regarding cheerleader pay. The whole suit, which you can read at the bottom of the page, is a glimpse into the many indignities of being an NFL cheerleader (besides the many obvious ones). Among them is the "schedule of fines," which is published before the season by the Raiderettes' director. The fines are docked from the $125 per-game salary that cheerleaders don't receive until the end of the season, according to the lawsuit.

Forget to bring (including but not limited to) correct pom(s) or props to practice? $10.00 fine

Wear wrong designated workout wear and/or footwear for two-piece Wednesday rehearsals, special rehearsals and/or game day rehearsals? $10.00 fine

Not able to get bios in on time? $10.00 fine

Forget all or part of the official uniform, boots, and or poms for any event or game day? $10.00 fine (per item) and/or benched from game (-125.00)

Boots not clean and polished for game day? $10.00 fine

Failure to follow point #1 under Etiquette or Appearances (Game Day Ready)? $10.00 fine

FINES WILL CONTINUE TO DOUBLE IF INFRACTIONS CONTINUE. Example: a $10 fine will go up to $20 if you forget to wear the proper attire for a second time, etc.

Formatting a list of potential fines like this? Kind of dickish.

The list—which wasn't included in the lawsuit, but which was provided by Lacy T.'s attorney—doesn't include the more insidious "benchings" that essentially amount to a $125 fine. When a Raiderette is benched by the director, per the lawsuit, she is not allowed to participate in the game-time sideline cheering and is not paid for the day. She is, however, still expected to dance during the pregame and halftime shows. (This is of a piece with the requirement that Raiderettes get a specific hairstyle from a specific hairstylist, without any reimbursement.)


Looking "too soft" also results in a benching, but there's probably no danger there, since they don't provide a lunch break in the nine-hour work day. The biggest whammy involves missing the last rehearsal before game day. For that offense, Raiderettes are benched for the game and given 1.5 absences (they get a fine after three absences).

Lest you think there is no accountability here, Raiderettes do have the ability to contest their fines at the end of the season when they are finally paid. To whom, you ask? Why, the Raiderettes' director, the same person who levied the fines, of course!


Hmm, a dictatorial boss, levying dubious fines to the help while also determining the validity of appeals against those very fines. It's almost as if this were the NFL or something.